Sometimes good guys do bad things:

The nineties were a turbulent time for the U.S. Naval Academy. The first half of the decade and several subsequent scandals left a proud institution licking its wounds. By the summer of ’95, the Academy’s response to ornery midshipman behaving badly was to clamp down on discipline.  By Halloween of that same year, the Naval Academy’s largest drug scandal in its history had everyone reeling. 

Enter the “Black Ns.” 

This exclusive, unsanctioned club is comprised of the Naval Academy’s most prolific bad boys.  Midshipman Jim “Mick” McGee is unwittingly about to find out what it takes to become a member. Whether surfing back home with his drug dealing cousin or embarking on the journey of a lifetime at the Academy, grit keeps him afloat. The worlds of surfing, drugs, and the drudgery of academy life collide in this fictional, though authentic, narrative of a lost era.

Black N is the first volume of my Black N Trilogy.

Black N will be additionally released in select local retailers.

Released by Dream Oak Publishing Company:
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